Ezra Pound


Ezra Pound
Along with F.S.Flint, R. Aldington and Hilda Doolittle, Pouns founded the Imagist school of poets advocating the use of free rhythms, concretness, concise language and imagery. T.S.Eliot described him as more responsible for the 20th Century revolution in poetry than any other individual. During WWII while living in Italy he became deeply preocupied with theories of economic and social ideas that led him into anti-semitism and support for Mussolini. He made anti-American radio broadcasts on Italian radio, was arrested in Genoa and eventually was brought to the United States and confined to a mental hospital in Washimgton DC. He was released in 1958 and returned to Italy where he died. He is widely accepted both as a great master of stanzaic verse forms and as a man who regenerated the poetic idiom of his day.

ink drawing
8" x 10"
Price $500

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