Philip Glass

Philip Glass
The Vogue editor and I wandered through empty buildings on the Lower Westside of New York City. It appeared that these old buildings were about to be demolished. We climbed the stairway of one of the buildings and walked into a room where there were at least a half a dozen electric pianos. Sitting at one was Philip Glass, the composer, conductor and performer.

This photo appeared in Vogue Magazine in January 1971. More recently, a fan bought the old Vogue in an eBay auction then put a digital image in Philip Glass guestbook on his website.
Analog, a CD of retro music released by Orange Mountain Music, 2006, has this photo on the cover.

B&W photograph
printed from original negative
printed on 11" x 14" paper
image size: 9" x 10"
signed by the artist
price: $1000

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