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June 6,1944 NYT headline LST 528 Crew
Cleanning 20mm cannon Practicing
From Torquay to Normanday This map shows all the invasion landings sites on the coast of Normandy
At H-Hour the first wave went toward Utah Beach Solders on Utah Beach
House on the Utah Beach LST-528 on Utah Beach
Le Havre, France before 1944 Second largest seaport at the mouth of the Seine
The result of allied bombing
The result of allied bombing Bombed cathedral

When Sevens Weren't Lucky

By Father Patrick W. Kemp
one of the crew members of the LST-528

My navy assignments were the navy's choice, not mine. When I was undergoing training at New Orleans in 1943, I made the only duty-related request of my service time, and it was made in prayer. A number of submarines came in to put provisions aboard before leaving for the war zone. I thought to myself, "Oh, dear God, I don't want to go in one of those things." That prayer was answered when somebody told me, "Don't worry. If you don't volunteer, you don't go." I said, "Thank God for that." Little did I realize what lay ahead above the surface. (continued HERE)

This article was originally published in Assault on Normandy, First Person Accounts from the Sea Services, edited by Paul Stillwell, published by Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, MD, 1994

republished here with permission of the author and publisher.
Trip to Paris


June 12, 1948 Beauty on the stairs
Handsome father At the altar
The Kiss Cake
Happy Couple Groom's Family
Wedding Party Bride's Family
Raining Rice The Getaway

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