Black & White

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Man in the Street Coney Island Lady
Mummer Playing  His Banjo

New York Street

Lady in Coney Island

MOMA Sculpture Coney Island
Summer at MOMA NYC

I'm a Virgin

Sun in Coney Island

Alan Arkin Black and White Doomsday
Alan Arkin in Popi

White and Black Love


Winter Storm Guard
Winter Storm in New York

Guard at the Louvre


Stone Couple

Garage Theater
Garage Theater 1, NYC

Garage Theater 2, NYC

Eve in Hat

Returning Bottles
On Duty

Returning Bottles

Wheelchair Store

Model waiting
at Vogue

Bike Gear
Bike Gears

Flower Girl


Fire Eater in Mexico

Bike Shadow

Bike Wheel 1

Bike Wheel 2


Calder with one man at MOMA, NYC

Calder show with two men at MOMA, NYC

Father's Day

Stone Couple

Washington Agencies

Man of Peace

End of the Parade


The Kiss

4th of July Hartsdale NY

London Worker

Viet Cong Leaders

Shoemaker NYC

Building in the Clouds

The Protesters NYC

Fire Chief NYC

Boy with Horse

Street Music

World of Fun
42nd Street NYC

New York Subway



Black & White Love 3

Ticket Taker at MOMA NYC

Wooden Tools

Boy in Sreet

Mystery Theater

Before the UN

Botticelli Face

Winter at MOMA

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