Ray Johnson


I got a call from Vogue. I was to meet the editor at the side entrance where they take in the art. We went in and then down a flight of stairs to a series of large rooms. We entered one of the rooms that was filled with boxes. The editor said we have to do something that identifies with Ray Johnson.
I said, "Where is Johnson?"
"In Iowa."
The editor said that the boxes cotained mail from other artists and Johnson was going to make collages out of the stuff that was mailed to him. The editor and I stared at each other and then at the boxes. So I began stuffing one box, searching other boxes for something and then I found this photograph which I put on top of the other stuff.

B&W photograph
printed from original negative
printed on 11" x 14" paper
image size: 9" x 10"
signed by the artist
price: $1000

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