Jules Feiffer

cartoonist and playwright

Jules Feiffer
I went to Feiffer's apartment on Riverside
Drive. In the article by John Lahr, Lahr writes
"With Little Murders and God Bless, Playwright
Feiffer confronts the secret violence breeding
in middle-class fears..."
The man I met was the playwirght, taking himself seriously,
trying very hard to control the session.
I packed up and got into a cab heading toward my studio, then
I told the driver to stop. I got out and phoned Feiffer and told
him that I didn't get the shot. He argued with me, asking "How do you know?"
I told him I would come to his place the next morning.
Ten minutes and we"re done.
Next morning I rang his bell. He opened the door and I fell to my knees.
I got the shot. I photographed the cartoonist.

originally published in Evergreen Review
B&W photograph
printed from original negative
printed on 11" x 14" paper
image size: 9" x 10"
signed by the artist
price: $1000

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