Trip to Paris

From Le Havre, we went back to Cherbourg. Capt. Crothers went on leave and we talked Isenberg into to giving us leave. So I was amomg the first four to go. We went looking for transportation to Paris, over 100 miles away. Paris was off limits to all personnel who were not stationed there. We had to get a ride in separate trucks and then meet up at the depot in Vincennes, a suburb on the south east side of Paris. I got a ride in the front seat of a truck that started out at night. We drove most of the time at 90 mph going through small French towns never slowing down. We met at the depot around midnight and took a cab into Paris. I asked the driver for a hotel and he drove us to a small hotel near the Arch de Triomphe. They only had two rooms so we had to share a few beds. We spent three days roaming the streets of Paris then back to the trucks at Vincennes and back to Cherbourg.

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